The Amelia Island Foundation aims to reinvest in our community by creating a funding source to support local projects that benefit the island where TDT revenues may not be utilized. By collecting public and private contributions, the AIF will support shovel-ready projects and efforts throughout the Island to bolster our natural assets, vital workforce and the enviable way of life, creating and supporting a sustainable hospitality industry.

Foundation Board Guidelines and Leadership

During the set-up, oversight of the Amelia Island Foundation will be provided by the current Amelia Island Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors until the Foundation Advisory Board is established.

Foundation Staff

Maurie Dugger, Director of the Foundation

The Amelia Island Foundation Board of Directors (AIFBOD) will be made up of no less than seven (7) members. The board will be made up of Amelia Island and Nassau County community leaders with an interest in protecting and enhancing Amelia Island and its offerings. The members will use their expertise to ensure broad support from a cross section of community leaders, business owners, ambassadors and partners.

In the first year of formation, the AIF will not distribute grants in order to allow for donations to accrue. The competitive grant application cycle will open in January 2022 and awards will be announced in early May. Funding for the competitive cycle is made possible from contributions collected from the AIF voluntary contribution program which is supported by residents and visitors to Amelia Island.

Amelia Island Foundation will place all donations into a high interest-bearing account in anticipation of upcoming projects. For the initial 3 years, available grant money will be 1/3rd of contributions received by the voluntary contribution program to allow donations to accrue.

Grant Focus Areas

Applications will be available for download in the Fall of 2021.

  1. Education and Scholarship
  2. Quality of Life projects for community and tourism
  3. Supplemental funding for shovel-ready projects
  4. Support for tourism facing workforce in times of crisis
  5. Activities that provide a marketplace opportunity
  6. Projects that enhance, beautify, or upgrade our Island surroundings

Grant proposals may request funding appropriate to the project focus.

Prospective applicants are welcome to discuss their proposal with staff prior to submitting the application. It should be noted that Amelia Island Foundation staff do not vote on proposals.

Upon the Foundation’s receipt of a Grant Application, applicant will be notified by email indicating that submission has been received. Foundation staff may contact organization for additional information or to arrange a meeting with representatives of the organization for a site-visit. The notice of grant decision will be emailed to applicants in early May. Please note that an unsuccessful application does not reflect on the worthiness of a project. AIF will be unable to fund every project and we encourage organizations to submit proposals in upcoming years should additional support still be needed.

2022 Grant Cycle Timetable

  • January

    Grant cycle opens

  • February (end)

    Grant proposal deadline

  • April

    Site visit scheduled

  • May



The Foundation invites applications from non-profit, public charities and civic partnerships that benefit the residents and visitors to Amelia Island. Government agencies and civic organizations will also be considered if the grant is to be used strictly for charitable purposes as defined by the IRS.


  • Current IRS determination letter
  • Registered as a nonprofit with the Florida Division of Corporations
  • Service to residents and visitors to Amelia Island, Florida or tourism facing workforce employed on Amelia Island
  • Board of Directors with representation from the community/communities served
  • Annual budget or project budget
  • Audited financial statements for the last fiscal year, or a review by an independent, certified public accountant
  • Documentation of other matching financial support

Only one proposal may be submitted per organization.

Preference will be given to those projects and programs that:

  • Show how the AIF grant would have a direct impact to the success of project or program.
  • Show ability to raise diversified financial support, in-kind support and volunteers to sustain the program.
  • Demonstrate past performance in delivering a quality service to the residents or visitors to Amelia Island.

Funding will not be considered for the following activities:

  • Retroactive funding
  • Endowments
  • Building funds (unless determined that structure benefits entire community)
  • Debt or deficit reduction
  • Medical or academic research
  • Annual fundraising campaigns
  • Grants for religious activities
  • Grants to individuals (excluding education or scholarship applicants)
  • Grants for re-granting
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